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Our training curriculum covers every aspect of the interview process.

Conducting an interview is a critical soft skill. And as with all soft skills, you need the right training and practice to truly excel.

SKILL has training for all of your company’s interviewers — from a comprehensive curriculum for brand new managers to a refresher course for seasoned senior executives.

Practice Spotting Red Flags and Evaluating Candidates.

SKILL has practice tools to guide you through video practice interviews.

Your hiring managers can gain interview practice and get real-time feedback on their choices. Choose questions, evaluate candidate answers, spot and follow up on red flags, and more.

Our Interview Tools Help Managers Customize and Streamline With Ease

SKILL has all the tools you need to take a strategic, structured approach to hiring.

We’ll help your managers easily create position profiles, customized question lists, and interview scorecards to keep everyone focused on the right things.

Make better hiring decisions

SKILL helps your managers plan, conduct, and evaluate interviews more strategically.

Reduce bias

Increase awareness of common hiring biases and use structure to minimize unconscious bias.

Improve the candidate experience

Strengthen your employer brand and attract the best candidates with an excellent candidate experience.

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